Recommended Apps and Sites for Bitcoin Users

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Whether you are a newbie or an advanced trader (and everything in between), there are some supporting applications and websites that will assist you to keep track of the Bitcoin world and its fluctuating behavior.
Note that some applications are free and some may cost money.

One of the most visited sites in the Bitcoin community, is a blockchain explorer service and a Bitcoin wallet provider.
The site's blockchain explorer provides data about Bitcoin wallets (contents, deposits and withdrawals), recent transactions, mined block status and statistics for developers.
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Blockfolio is a great Android/IOS application that helps you manage your Bitcoin and altcoins investments.
Using its great user interface that allows you to view a candlestick chart in different resolutions (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) you can keep track of any coin pair and your investments.
Also, there's an option to set a specific alert for any given coin pair for low and high thresholds.
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Coinigy is an advanced Bitcoin trader tool that lets you to view real-time market data using highly customized chart interfaces.
For paying customers, Coinigy integrate with most known Bitcoin exchanges worldwide and allow you to place orders from a single screen instead logging into each exchange separately.
Try coinigy App (it's free) is a website that provides information on market capitals for most of the altcoins, including Bitcoin.
Apart of market caps, the site provides data and tools such as source codes, announcements, links to websites and blockchain explorer for specific altcoins.


Yes! Twitter! Twitter is a great information source to keep track on specific Bitcoin/altcoins group activities.
It is recommended to follow any altcoin/Bitcoin you invest in to be the first to know about any announcements that will increase(or decrease) the coin value.

Popular Twitter Accounts:

  • Bitcoin - The most popular twitter account with thousands of relevant tweets.
  • Ethereum - The official channel for the Ethereum coin. Containing most of the information about this coin.
  • NEO Smart Economy - NEO official channel, containing new announcements and up to date information.
  • Ripple - Ripple official channel, Maintained daily and containing a lot of inside information..